Apply for a Film Permit

All productions and student films shooting in Orleans Parish are required to apply for a film permit. Upon receipt of the application the Film Office will review the application and consult with the production to evaluate the type of film permit to be issued. A film permit is NOT required while exercising First Amendment rights including filming of rallies, protests, demonstrations and news reporting.

  • Location film permits are issued for commercial productions filming in the city
  • B-roll Film Permits are issued for student films, drone filming and city-wide b-roll

The Film New Orleans Policies and Procedures includes detailed permitting information and policies for filming in New Orleans.


Apply for a Location Permit

Apply for a B-roll Film Permit

A B-roll film permit is issued free of cost for any production with no permitted parking, student films, drone filming and city-wide b-roll. To obtain a temporary permit complete a Film Application here and the Film Office will contact you to discuss your project.

In addition to your application, please submit a Certificate of Insurance and a signed copy of the  Film New Orleans Policies and Procedures.

Drone Filming

Productions are required to use only FAA certified drone operators and to ensure that the drone operators comply with FAA regulations. The Film Office requests that a drone no more than 3 feet in diameter be used in the French Quarter. You must submit a copy of the operator’s FAA license and drone's FAA registration to

Film Permit Application Requirements:

Applicants are required to submit a film application no later than 5 days prior to the commencement of filming. Film Permits are issued at no cost. Below are the documents which must be submitted for every application:

  1. Applicants are required to complete a Filming Application
  2. A Certificate of Insurance must be provided. E-mail to
  3. Submit a signed copy of the  Film New Orleans Policies and Procedures.